Castle Pendant Necklace sterling silver Renassaince


My pendants are made with PMC (Precious Metal Clay). PMC is a clay type material that after firing holds it form in fine silver .999 % silver. I began working with PMC approximately 15 years ago. I became certified to teach shortly after that.
I began creating these beautiful unique pendants by visiting my mom’s button collection. I make a mold of the button I want to make into a finished product. The next step is forming the PMC into the mold and imprinting a pattern on the back. After drying them completely I polish and sand them. I then fire the pieces in a kiln. In this process an organic binder burns away leaving the piece slightly smaller and white from the fine hairs that stand up from the organic binder exiting. The next step is to tumble them in a steel shot until all those hairs are pushed down and shining. At this point I decide whether to patina them to give the pendants that vintage look or leave them shining.
Enjoy your one of a kind little art pendant!

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